A relaxing hair wash followed by a Blowout Style.

Choose from our menu of stylish Blowouts

& let us customize it just for you

Lavish Blowouts $45-$55

The LavishOur Signature Blowout volume paired with body and bounce

Downtown  sleek and sophisticated with kick & flip

Soho  modern and elegant

Beach Babe  piecey waves, casual & fun

Lived in Lavish  casual and relaxed

Lavish Customized Blowouts $60+

customize your own formal 'do for your special event

Lavish Luxury  $15

Relax :: a stress relieving scalp massage

Renew :: a deep conditioning treatment

With a twist :: add a full head of curls

Lavish Bundles and Membership

3 pack :: $120

Customized 3 pack :: $150

Membership :: weekly blowout + 2 Lavish Luxuries :: $160/mo